• An Off-Track Route

    Student Name : Falak Ghanghas (Standard : Grade 8 ) School Name : Ompee Global School

    Posted on : 18 Feb 2022 Views : 539

    Once in the past, I and my adventurous friend Diya were on the way to a long drive to Wanderers Adventures Sports, Delhi. Being an adventurous person made me yearn for the occasion that I followed the cutoff route to reach there as soon as possible, that cutoff route lead the car to a deserted, abandoned and betray road, where there was a deep silence neither there was chirping of birds…. nor the horning of the cars.
    “Kindly browse the location on the map, Diya” I said,
    “and search if there any shop near by”.
    “Google isn’t showing any way to the Wanderers Adventure” she continued
    “Yes, but I found a workshop nearby”.
    “Fantastic! Where it is by the way?” I exclaimed.
    “Yes, I tell you the way” she said,
    While following the route I came across a dusty, old-fashioned workshop named “Alluring Antiques” it was neither a shop of antique pieces nor a shop of precious items whilst it was a mechanic shop. I was amazed to see a mechanic shop amidst this way .
    I just told my friend to enquire about the way to thehighway. As soon as she reached at the door
    she yelled “Is there someone” ,
    “Yes, Comingggg” a voice called out.
    An old, short-heighted and bald man with a beard came from inside holding a stick
    He asked “Who are you” ,
    “What do you want”.
    “Greetings” she exclaimed
    “Can you guide us to the way to the highway”.
    “May I tell you a shortcut” old man said politely.
    “Yes, Sure” she said excitedly.
    “Go straight Take the first right and then third left you will be on the highway” the man said.
    “ Thank you” she said to the old man.
    My friend ran out from the store excitedly and with a sigh….
    she said “ Congratulations we got the way out”.
    I followed the route, after an hour we lost the trail and were amidst the forest which has overgrown grass with very fine spines which was looking wild and with thick growth of tall trees. The forest was dark and gloomy and trees where not allowing the sunlight to pass through it.
    I saw the diesel meter. It was about to be E i.e., empty I and my friend immediately stopped the car and we both were shivered with fear and there was no immediate gap between us.
    We were wandering here and there helplessly This reminded me of any horror incident that has had happened with me in the past.
    My friend and I were so scared that we were yelling and shouting to ask for help although we were afraid of animals. As we stopped yelling…. and shouting…. we heard the screams… and howls….of wolfs , spine-chilling sound of an owl , rustling of leaves and fast blowing winds.
    As we moved forward, we saw a ray of lightening coming from a house like structure which amazed me to thought
    “Why is this house in the middle of the forest”,
    “Who is living in it”,
    “Or it is abandoned or not” and many more questions.
    As I reached at the door step of that little, old house. My friend called me out “Waiiiiiiittttt”, ”I’m coming”
    “Whose there?” I asked panickily with soft but quavering voice.
    No answer. I got inside as the door was open and asked the same question.
    A young lady entered….
    The lady asked “Who are you?”, “What are you doing here?”
    My friend said “We are lost in this jungle”,
    “Can you tell us the way out?”
    “Yes, I know each and every way of this city” the lady said proudly, “But I feel you both are hungry, so firstly have your dinner”
    “ I have just prepared it”
    We were amazed to see this kind of lady. We were also able to feel the aroma of the mouth-watering and appetizing dinner.
    It was night time…
    After having the dinner the lady also offered us to sleep at her place and move out in the morning. We accepted the offer and felt asleep in one of her little, spaceless but cozy room.
    There was a disturbing sound during the midnight that felt like one of those of any animal. I tried to wake up my friend but she was in deep sleep. I carefully listened the sound but realized it was coming from another room. I understood that the lady was snoring loudly. I was laughing up sleeve.
    It was morning….
    I woke up and my friend was ready for the breakfast. I quickly have the breakfast and was about to leave. Immediately…. the lady called out my name and handover a bag which was full of food, drinks, map, compass and many useful things that would be useful for us.
    I thanked the lady.
    We sat up in the car and followed the map whichlead us to the highway and we were set to go to Wanderers Adventures Sports.

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