• Listen to your parents

    Student Name : Saharsh Singhai (Standard : 5) School Name : Dps Noida

    Posted on : 01 Jul 2021 Views : 437

    Everyday Ezra walked to school and came back. On the way he saw that there was small house which was dark and surrounded by dead trees which cast dark shadows over it. Ezra was very curious to know about it. He would come back and tell his parents everyday. His parents told him not to go there because it was a haunted house. And the man who had lived there had died many years ago. And they heard strange noises of crying and wailing. from the house. There was a Peppal tree nearby and people observed creepy ghostly figures dancing around that tree.

    Though his parents had warned him to not go near that house Ezra still wasn’t worried. Ezra was a disobedient and stubborn child. He did not listen to his parents. One day walking home from school he went into that creepy house.When he got into the house, he heard strange noises coming.Ezra felt footsteps running after him. He turned around but saw nothing. He felt hands holding his head and trying to rotate it. He screamed and ran out of the house.He was very scared.

    Ezra ran to his home and told his parents that he had gone into that house.They quickly called the panditji and the police . The police and panditji came and they all asked panditji that he’d do a religious ceremony. .The panditji did the religious ceremony but they could still hear creepy noises coming. The panditji left and there was only the police and Ezra's parents. After sometime they all left. But still the noises were coming . They all ran home. Ezra’s parents scolded him because he went into that home. Ezra had the scare of his life. Ezra was very sorry and he promised them that he would never do it again.

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