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    Student Name : Saharsh SInghai (Standard : 5) School Name : Dps-Noida

    Posted on : 07 Oct 2021 Views : 351

    Dreams can happen when we sleep. The peak time we dream is during REM {rapid eye movement} sleep , when your brain is most active.Some experts say that you dream 5-6 times a night . I saw somewhere that when you read a happy book at night or sleep with a cuddly toy you get good dreams.

    When I was sleeping one night a crazy dream came to me that we were going to a friend’s house for dinner. My mother had packed a beautiful chandelier which had beautiful lighting and it had been in the store room for many years because we had not been using it. She told the househelp to clean it. The job was done on time and we all got out. We were waiting for the lift when she was walking. Suddenly she realized that she had not worn her shoes.The fun part starts at this moment of the story . She tossed it and went to wear her shoes. She had worn her shoes but she could not catch the chandelier. It broke down and my father was very angry as it was worth Rs. 50,000.

    I just woke up and after brushing up my teeth and told my parents all about this.They were round with laughter.My mother told me to watch sweet dreams . She also told me not to believe in all these weird dreams.

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