• The Mystery of the Red Lotus

    Student Name : Advait.B (Standard : 10) School Name : RN PODAR SCHOOL

    Posted on : 14 Apr 2020 Views : 1000

    The Mystery of the Red Lotus

    I was running out of time. They’d said they’d give me until sundown, and that was only a few hours away. I had to get a million dollars somehow in around 6 hours! A group calling themselves the Red Lotus, had kidnapped my pet eagle Senu( he was a harpy eagle and worth quite a lot on the black market). We shared a bond of great friendship and love and he was my loyal companion everywhere I went. We had been together for the last 7 years and he was always there for me when I needed support. I had rescued him on a hunting trip in Brazil when I accidentally shot his mother. He was a little helpless bird and I felt very sorry for him, leading me to keep him as my own.

    I was panicking and soon realized that there was no way to get so much money in a couple of hours, unless I went back to old ways and pulled a heist! I have had a past I’m not very proud of, because, around the same time I rescued Senu, I was an extremely skilled casino heister and had a group of friends who were always my accomplices. We had never been caught and the finesse with which we worked would be more than enough for a blockbuster Hollywood film, but that was not the time for movie ideas. A year after rescuing Senu I realized that what I was doing was wrong and I had to stop! My old friends were also proving to be quite a bad influence on me and I decided to start afresh and leave the criminal life behind.

    I had no option but to contact them. What I got to know was pretty lucky for me, 3 of them were in town and were already planning a heist at the Bellagio. Ronny, a 67-year-old who was a great actor and seemed to almost always get into the casino as a high stakes player and get us important intel, Matthew, on the other hand, was a young 23-year-old who knew his way around protection protocol and software like no one else, and finally, Alex, who was previously a blackjack dealer at the Bellagio, knew all about the hotel’s security and entrances, and also managed to arrange a plasma cutter for the vault. Also if you are wondering, my special skill is distracting the security, which means that I’m generally good at casino games, which gathers the attention of the cheating software and the security overwatching the CCTVs, which is perfect for my accomplices to pull the heist and get out. I also happened to not tell them about Senu and just said that I needed some money.

    I reached the Bellagio in the next hour and told them to commence the heist right away, which wasn’t their plan as they wanted to do it at night, but I needed the money before sundown. The 3 of them were already staying at the hotel and were planning the heist for about a week. They had calculated that the casino’s vault would have about 75 million on the day as it was a Saturday. Ronny had entered the casino on the first day they checked in and called for the manager. He had told him that he had a few precious diamonds with him and wanted them to be stored in the vault. The diamonds were actually infrared jammers which could be controlled with a remote and could jam the entire laser light protection in the vault, something which was Matthew’s idea.

    I was being instructed by Alex from the washroom on the vault floor with an earpiece and Matthew from their room and they could see everything through a camera that they planted onto a button on my shirt. I casually entered the hotel and sat down at the blackjack table, where I started to win big(all casino games are easy if you have 3 degrees in probability mathematics) and at the same time Matthew informed me that the security were all looking at me through the cameras and Alex would be able to sneak in easily. Once Alex was in with his plasma cutters, it was a piece of cake. Alex was easily able to get in and out with the money through a secret exit he knew about because as soon as there was a hole in the vault the remote’s signal was able to reach the infrared jammers and all the cameras and lasers were disabled. Finally, after tormenting the dealer with losses for about 45 minutes, we left and divided the money amongst ourselves and went our own ways.

    I was ecstatic with almost 19 million dollars and the hope of finally seeing Senu again. I reached the abandoned park at around 6%3A30 in the evening with a bag full of 1 million dollars. Funny how a few hours ago 1 million dollars seemed impossible for me to have and now it seemed to be so less. A red car had pulled up to me and I saw the window go down. I don’t know what surprised me more, seeing a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita worth around 5 million or a 67-year-old man who looked awfully familiar.

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