Why Starchild ?

Starchild Education and Learning/www.starchild.in is the brainchild of Mrs. Meena C. Shah, a teacher and a mother.  She saw how her child enjoyed online learning but there were few websites which catered to the needs of Indian students.

Mrs. Shah decided to create a website based on the Indian curriculum for our students. The website is for students from Std. 1 to 7. Mrs. Shah intends to make learning fun and easy for the students.

What are the benefits of Starchild's Mission Play2Learn?

For students:


  •  Our quizzes will build a strong foundation.

  •  It motivates and encourages children to practice and revise the topics in their school curriculum. as they learn and revise, they get smileys and frownies, badges, titles and a certificate.

  •  Starchild channelizes their time and focus to learning while playing

  •  Children can solve the quizzes and worksheets at their own pace.

  •  They get instant feedback of their work.

  •  The quiz questions test the understanding of concepts and not rote learning


For Parents:

  •  Most major subjects are covered by Starchild. The questions are in multiple objective formats.

  •  The quiz questions are based on the curriculum.

  •  It is a boon as children enjoy this very much and do not have to be forced to work.

  • When learning is fun, it is effective. This knowledge stays forever in the deepest recesses of the child's mind.

  •  It is a great time saver as the questions are ready and you don't have to prepare them.

  •  These can be done on a daily basis or on weeekends.

Your child will enjoy playing and learning!