About Starchild

Starchild Education and Learning is the brainchild of Mrs. Meena C. Shah who has been in the educational field since the past 35 years.
It aims to motivate and engage students in learning. 

Mission Play2Learn  ensures that children enjoy revising and learning as they solve our interactive online worksheets and quizzes. Learning is a game as they cross the 10 levels of quizzes and worksheets.  Children will not only enjoy doing this, but also learn at a much faster rate. It is a universal fact that when we enjoy what we do, we learn faster and quicker. knowledge is then embedded in the deepest recesses of our mind and stays there for life.
  • Mission Play2Learn is a great timesaver for students and parents.
  • It will help students (Std. 1 to 7) revise their concepts in Math, Science, Social Studies and English Language.
  • It will take way the boredom of learning.
  • Students will even get a better understanding of concepts when they attempt these worksheets and quizzes.
Mission Play2Learn is a great boon as it is ready study material which allows your child to learn with interest and fun.
  • The game contains quizzes and worksheets.
  • Children solve these and earn marks.
  • They progress through 10 levels before they complete the Mission. 
  • At each level, they earn a badge and title. 
  • Each worksheet/quiz can be solved only once.
  • If the child does not score a minimum of 8 marks, he has to solve it again.
  • At the end of the game, they will earn the Starchild Graduate certificate.
The Starchild Marketplace (www.starchild.in/marketplace)
  • Parents can buy downloadable worksheeets at the Starchild Marketplace.
  • Detailed answer sheets are also provided so that parents can check the child’s work effortlessly.
  • The worksheets can be used for review and revision purpose.
  • Parents will bond with their children as they assist them in solving their difficulties using our worksheets.
  • This will assist parents to help their children excel in their work.
  • You can buy as little as one worksheet from our website. You do not need to subscribe for a whole year’s worksheets but take them as required.
For Teachers
  • Teachers can sell their educational material on the Starchild Marketplace. (books, worksheets, question papers, courses etc)
  • For more details, contact us on:  99200 62509
Mrs. Meena C. Shah :  has been in the field of education since the past 35 years. She is a qualified teacher. She has not only been involved in teaching, but also curriculum planning, teacher education, supervising in schools as well as authoring and compiling workbooks.
Mrs. Shah has taught in Amrit Jyoti and Udgam School in Ahmedabad. At school, she taught the subjects of Math, Social Studies and English Literature and Language to classes 5 to 10.
She also conducted workshops for Newspaper in Education, a programme held by the Times of India.
This novel idea inspired her to create her very own workshop, The Workshop, Fun N Learn. The Workshop conducted Math and English Language activities with a view to making education an enjoyable learning activity for children. The Computerkid was another class which taught children the basic concepts of computers as well as used educational software which made learning English, Maths and Science fun to learn.
Mrs. Shah was visiting faculty at Eklavya Institute for Teacher Education (EITE), Ahmedabad.
Not only did she conduct teacher training courses but was Practice Teaching Supervisor at the institute too.
At Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd., she was part of Ms. Leena Ashar’s core curriculum team for many years.
Mrs. Shah was also visiting faculty at IMS, where she conducted seminars for IPCC in the subjects of English and Communication.
The following workbooks for children have been compiled by her:
1) Starchild Companion and Workbook for ICSE (Std. 5, 6 and 7).
2) Trailblazer Science Olympiad series for Std. 1 to 8 (NSO)
3) Li'l Genius English Olympiad series for Std. 1 to 8 (IOE)
4) Achiever for English Language and Composition for Std. 6