• My Birthday

    Student Name : Pratham Dholakia (Standard : IV) School Name : Children’s Academy

    Posted on : 12 May 2021 Views : 633

    Today is my birthday on 3rd May,
    I hope my birthday will be a fabulous day,
    And I’ll be happy and gay,

    My younger brother made a picture of me with clay,
    My mother gave me hot-chocolate on a tray,
    My family had good to say,

    As a good deed, my family gave cows hay,
    When my friends arrived, the magician showed us a mind blowing magic play.

    My friends gave me many toys that were not fake, My friends wished me with a handshake,
    My mother gave us milkshake,
    Everyone had dinner with juice and cake.

    I showed everyone the serene lake,
    I enjoyed the birthday party with my friends Parv, Samyak, Siya, Rhea and Zake.

  • Garvit GuptaComment

    a very intresting story