• IRIS VAN HERPEN-The inventor of sustainable fashion

    Student Name : bhoomi shah (Standard : 9G) School Name : Vibgyor High

    Posted on : 29 Feb 2020 Views : 265

    How Technology And Nature Helps Fashion
    A dutch fashion designer takes inspiration from the surroundings,nature or nature created things and creates 'HIGH-STREET FASHION'.
    She has made the best use of stationery too, she has created clothes with pencil as well as glue. This collection is known as "between the lines".
    The another unique product she created was shoes using 3D printers.
    She has been a successful woman but she has faced a lot of hardships.
    She was criticised for creating non-wearable casual clothes but since last two years she has modified her designs and made it wearable.
    She is now even famous in India and many bollywood celebrities also wear her clothes and are inspired by her fashion taste and they way she makes her clothes.
    Eg%3ARadhika Apte,the known bollywood celebrity.
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