• Jimmy and the Caterpillar

    Student Name : Aadya Gaba (Standard : 4) School Name : Ryan International School

    Posted on : 15 Feb 2022 Views : 3276

    One day, Jimmy was playing in the garden. While playing, Jimmy finds a caterpillar. He runs inside his house he tells his mother that he has found a caterpillar his mother was so scared she says " Jimmy, throw that caterpillar away" Jimmy argues with his mother- " Mother I want to keep this caterpillar and keep it as my pet" His mother says calmly " No Jimmy, you can't keep it" Jimmy now gets upset. His mother explains. So, he runs out of his house and leaves the caterpillar where he found it

    Story by - Aadya Gaba

    This story is fictional. Please don't think it is real

    Hope you enjoy it. Thank you!

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