Teacher who simplified love of learning for students and parents both

Robert John Meehan says, “Teaching children is an accomplishment; getting children excited about learning is an achievement” and one such achiever with 1stme is Mrs. Meena C. Shah, Founder of Starchild Education & Learning. Starchild Education & Learning is an innovative concept which aims at helping parents by providing them customized worksheets which not only saves their time and effort for preparing it but also makes learning fun and easy for students.

Meenaji, Starchild Education & Learning has been appreciated and welcomed by parents as an innovative concept, what is your inspiration behind it?

When I used to teach my son, I would often want to hand him ready worksheets which will make my job easier. It used to save me a lot of time and effort of going through the task of writing questions for him. When I went to the bookstores, I did not find anything suitable. On the internet, I found many worksheets but most were not suitable to our Indian syllabus or were not upto the mark. This made me realize that if I designed worksheets for parents and students, it would be less tedious for them. I also realized that if these worksheets were made interesting and fun, it would make studying an enjoyable process. When children enjoy learning, they also excel.

I also noticed that now-a-days children are busy going from one tuition class to another. They have no time for friends, play or study. I understand that they require help in some subjects but definitely not in all. I believe if they use my worksheets, they will be able to revise and review their work effectively. It will save them time which could be used for other purposes.

Starchild Learning and Education aims at making learning fun and interesting for students and lessen the burden for parents.

That’s wonderful!! What are parent’s actual opinion about Starchild?

I have received a very good feedback from parents. Most of them felt that it has helped their children significantly. They also felt that their own time was saved.

I have received innumerable testimonials from parents of which few I would like to share.

Every seed in order to develop into tree goes through different phases, what was the most trying moment after you started Starchild Education and how you managed to come out of it?

I am very passionate about my work and also, have great belief in what I do. To translate my ideas and creating a website was challenging. I learnt a lot in this process.

Also, this idea of worksheets and downloading them from a website, is a novel one for parents. Thus, waiting for my first parent to log in to my website: www.starchild.in , and hoping that my work satisfies and helps them made me tense.

Any specific proud moment you would like to share with us?

Recently, I was chosen among 100 female entrepreneurs by L.I.F.E (Leader in Female Entrepreneurs). It was an exciting and unexpected honour. I was thrilled!

What is the principle by which you live your life and would want others to follow?

I believe in positivity. Always be positive. All problems have solutions.

Any message you would like to convey to our readers?

In this very busy world, parents have little time to spend with their children. I believe that parents must spend quality time with their children. They must personally take interest in their children’s education. Parents are the first role model and idol for children. Parents must make full use of this fact and develop their children’s potential- morally, intellectually and physically.

Meena Shah and her worksheets are readily available on her website www.starchild.in 1stme wishes her that she continue her good work and inculcate loving of learning among students simultaneously taking burden off of parents.

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