Featured among L.I.F.E’s 100 women entrepreneurs


According to Sixth Economic Census by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), it has been observed that there is sudden spike in women entrepreneurs, though presently they hold about 14% of business establishments. With the progress of the society, the number of women-owned firms is increasing. One might think that women are mostly active in areas, which they are naturally expert in like baking, catering, tailoring, boutiques, beauty parlors, and handicrafts, but today women have now made way into innovative and groundbreaking arenas thereby making a niche for themselves. Today, owning and running a business by a woman is no longer a hobby or to keep her occupied, but a way to express them and to contribute to a larger good.

There has never been a better time for a woman to become an entrepreneur.

On this International Women Day, L.I.F.E – Leader in Female Entrepreneur program presents to you the role models and confident women entrepreneurs who have broken the barriers or overcome any challenges on their success expressways and made their niche – “100 Women Entrepreneurs of 2016”. Through the “Business Women Next Door” campaign, L.I.F.E – Leader in Female Entrepreneur program wants to commend all the women entrepreneurs for their initiative and contribution to the various fields that their businesses hail from.

From consulting to food & nutrition, from financial counselling to clothing & accessories, women have ventured into various fields.

All the above examples clearly present to us how the demographics are altering and more women entrepreneurs are coming up with ventures that are capable of altering the social fabric of the society along with contributing to the overall economy. It is pertinent now to encourage and create avenues for more women to bring innovative ideas in the market and accelerate the overall development.

Are you still thinking of starting your own business or do you have an idea you’re passionate about, but still questioning “What if ?“

But it’s the right time to start out…You have all the support than ever before.

Article Reference : http://leaderinu.in/blog/life-100-women-entrepreneurs-2016/